Ending Insomnia - Sleeping Great

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End Insomnia — Sleep Great Again

Robert Gene's Eutaptics® employs cutting-edge techniques to rewire your brain's response to past experiences and bad non-sleeping programs. It changes how your mind processes memories. It removes triggers and programs for sleepless nights and lets you have uninterrupted, restful sleep.

Our solution is for men and women who are tired of struggling with insomnia. They want a proven way to sleep well. Your sleeplessness may be due to stress, anxiety, or painful memories. Eutaptics® offers a personalized approach to help you find relief.

Take the First Step Towards Better

Isn't it time you experienced the life-changing benefits of a good night's sleep? Eutaptics® lets you change the memories that keep you awake. It can transform your nights for the better.

This course is your first step to learn more and to start sleeping at night.

Robert Gene's trainings can help you beat insomnia and get back your nights. Don’t wait another sleepless night. Take the first step to a well-rested, healthier you.

Unlock the power of Eutaptics—because you deserve to sleep peacefully.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your first session. Let's make insomnia a thing of the past together.


  1. Understand which memories you have been holding onto and why you have kept coming back to them when you should be asleep.
  2. Learn how to release your old, unwanted habits and problems, and make room for a new you!
  3. Change the original cause of your problems (what has been preventing you from moving on), so that you can live a more vibrant, productive life because you won’t be constantly tired. 
  4. Live real freedom beyond anything you’ve read, thought, or dreamed about.
  5. Wake up rested and refreshed.

Forty-three years of insomnia is gone, and I sleep eight hours a night!


For over 40 years, this one memory has haunted me. Robert Gene’s Eutaptics® took away all that. I wasn't a believer at first. But, I had an open mind and wanted to try it. I would do it if he could rid me of something that had haunted me for 40 years. The next night after that one session, I slept for over four hours straight. The only reason I got up was because I had to use the bathroom. That in itself was just amazing.

The next night, I got up three times to use the bathroom, but each time, I could go back to bed and sleep. It wasn’t like it was before. Before I’d toss and turn,

It wasn’t like it was before. Before I’d toss and turn, toss and turn, and it would be a long time before I passed back out. But for three days in a row, I’ve been able to sleep.

And it just feels amazing to be able to sleep and not have this bothering me for years and years and years. It's over. It’s done with, and now I’m sleeping eight hours straight after a week and the last time I slept that long was right before I went into the military at 17 years old. And I like that.

I like that very much. It changed me, changed my lifestyle. Very good.

David McDowell