Special Bundle of Relationship Tap-A-Long

$ 27.00


Special Bundle of Relationship Tap-A-Long

This is a special bundle of tap along videos related to relationships.


Plus, if you buy the bundle, you’ll get an exclusive discount when you buy the full course!


These videos feature tap-a-long sessions on:
1. Not feeling good enough
2. My mother always finds fault with me
3. It’s my fault my mother got sick
4. My mother controls my life
5. I made my girlfriend have an abortion


If you tap-a-long with the person in these videos, who is tapping on their issue, no matter what it’s about you will also benefit and reduce or clear the emotional intensity of what is bothering you. This is called borrowing benefits.


These aren’t surface level. We dive into big issues, share real stories, and experience lasting change in all these videos.



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