Making Peace with Grief & Loss: Journey of Healing

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Making Peace with Grief & Loss: Journey of Healing

Grief and Loss is an undeniable part of life. We all are sure to experience it in some way or form. But sometimes, it can seem like too much to handle on our own.


In this course, you will have 19 full sessions (521 minutes or 9 hours) to tap along and learn how to make big changes for you plus 727 minutes (12 hours) of education and instruction with a total over 21 hours of life-changing information.


At Skills to Change, we understand how grief and loss work. Whether you’re currently going through extreme grief, or have experienced it in the recent past, this course is sure to help you cope.


Some people don’t do very well with grief and loss. They’re really haunted and tormented and can’t pull themselves out of it. Even if you have people taking care of you, or you are taking care of people going through it, you still have that loss to deal with.


One of the things we hear most often is people telling someone suffering from grief and loss to “get over it”. Or you may be telling yourself that. Whatever the case is, that’s the wrong way to go about it. It’s not that easy and often seems impossible to get over someone losing a sibling to cancer. Or someone losing a spouse, child, parent to an illness, or an accident. We need to remember that grief is a many-layered thing. You don’t necessarily have to “get over it”. You can keep the memories, savor them, and still not cry every day or every week of the year, whenever you think about the loss.


One of the best, easiest and fastest things you can do is tap using the FasterEFT tapping technique.

The great thing about this modality is that it allows you to let go of the hurt and move forward. Otherwise, you are literally living in the past, if you keep living with those same hurtful memories over and over again.

People use grief and loss from the past to torment themselves. It becomes a constant source of punishment. Losing a loved one is a sad event, no doubt. And, of course, it’s natural to overwhelming hurt for a while after suffering from grief and loss. But it’s supposed to last a while, not a lifetime.


The FasterEFT process keeps helping you clean out the emotional trauma. So that you get to a point where you don’t feel that crippling emotional pain every day. That allows you to get back to everyday living, with the people who are still around you.


How you will benefit from this course.
Making peace with Grief and Loss – Understanding the Grieving Process and knowing to heal the pain and keep the gifts


How to Help Someone Who is Grieving – Learn the mindset to help others through bereavement, grief, and loss
How to address the Loss of a Pet – Healthy keys and processes to deal with grief after a pet dies
Coping with a Breakup or Divorce – How to moving on after a relationship ends
Saying Goodbye – Proven ways to deal with a loved one’s terminal illness


If you are needing help with grief and loss issues you may consider a session with Robert Smith and get a new start on the rest of your life.


*Note: Certifications are only given to those that are currently enrolled in our Eutaptics Practitioners Training Course. If you would love to work with clients and help others you can do so by becoming a Professional Certified Practitioner. We have live training and online training.

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