eutaptics® Addiction Training

$ 2,997.00


eutaptics® Addiction Training

This course includes 63+ hours of online video training broken into 43 FULL sessions, Crossfire Sessions, and individual talks. You will go through a myriad of topics from past abuse, trauma, death, murder, childhood neglect, and learn how to reach your client on any level they may be at.


At the root of every addiction is the need to escape from pain. Addiction is a coping skill and it’s one you can help your client train their brain to no longer need. Your practice and their health are worth the effort. You CAN give your clients a chance at a healthy life for themselves and others.


I have helped countless people addicted to everything from soda to crack cocaine free themselves from the addiction and live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. It’s time for you to learn all the incredible techniques that have helped so many.


This training is for Certified Level 4 eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Practitioners who are in good standing with Skills to Change Institute.

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