The National Sleep Foundation estimates that roughly 30% of the general population experiences sleep disruption, insomnia, fatigue and other sleep related issues preventing them from having restful sleep and in turn a well rested, alert mind. If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. You can find peace, you can enjoy a full night of sleep with ease. You can overcome insomnia and get back to the life YOU want.


Sleeplessness doesn’t just effect you at night. You spend your entire day being less productive trying to wake ‘all the way up.’ Your reflexes are slower, your short term memory is affected, your self-esteem goes down and depression goes up. This life may be something you’re accustomed to, but it doesn’t have to be your normal. You can relieve yourself of insomnia and all the side effects it has on your life.


eutaptics® takes you through simple steps that free you from the negative impacts of stress and past memories and replace them with positive outcomes in your future. Utilizing this modality, Robert will help you to understand the complexities of your unconscious mind and be able to harness that knowledge to heal the parts of you (both your physical and emotional self) that were damaged by your experiences.



Understand which memories you have been holding onto and why you have kept coming back to them when you should be asleep


Learn how to release your old, unwanted habits and problems, and make room for a new you!


Change the original cause of your problems (what has been preventing you from moving on), so that you can live a more vibrant, productive life because you won’t be constantly tired.


Live real freedom and measurable results beyond anything you’ve read, thought or dreamed about.


It’s 3 AM and you’re still awake. You’ve been trying to fall asleep for hours, but your legs keep getting restless and your mind won’t shut off. You’ve taken the pills. You’ve counted all the sheep. You’ve watched every episode of your favorite show more than a few times. ‘Just ONE night of deep sleep. Just ONE night where I’m not awake to see the sun come up.’ When you try to fall asleep, it just won’t happen. Or maybe falling asleep isn’t the problem, maybe you can drift off easily but can’t seem to sleep through the night.


60 million people in North America alone are affected by insomnia and other sleep disorders, but the truth is that insomnia is not a disorder. It’s not something that “you have” it’s something that you produce. You are subconsciously producing whatever it is that keeps you awake at night.


There are many models to insomnia, from believing that you won’t get enough sleep anyway so why try? To if you go to bed now you might miss something fun and everything in between. There are lots of reasons why people produce insomnia, but the number one cause of sleeplessness is stress. Whether it is stress from your past or your present, your brain has latched onto something that keeps you watching the clock tick away when you should be asleep. Maybe it’s a memory from your childhood of wetting the bed and being punished for it, or maybe it’s the stress dreams you have about work that won’t seem to shut off. Whatever it is there’s a way to change it and finally get the full night of sleep you desperately want and desperately need.

What Is eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training?

The eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training is a powerful transformational tool that uses the neuroplasticity of your mind to address your thought process and how it affects your body. Studies have shown that stress plays a huge part in our overall health, causing weight gain, physical disabilities, food sensitivities – you name it, stress can ruin it.

This process transforms how you represent memories and stressors and enables you to let go of negative emotions so your mind and body can heal from your experiences. If you are struggling with anxiety, anger, fears, low self-esteem, weight issues, physical pain, physical illness, grief, career lows, or stress, eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training can help. With this technique you can take conscious control of your unconscious mind.

By using techniques in neuroplasticity (eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training) you train your brain to easily transform these programs from what they were into all the possibilities YOU create, leaving you with a happier, healthier mind and body.

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9+ hours of in depth understanding, explanation, and eutaptics® tap-a-long videos. Work along with Robert and witness others’ profound healing and insights. Robert will cover topics such as

You’ll transform yourself and gain an unparalleled understanding of

  • Real Reason We Produce Insomnia
  • Understanding Surprising Memory Links
  • Tap On Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Understanding Emotional Escapism
  • Tapping On Triggers
  • Fearing Normalcy
  • Resistance to Sleep
  • Releasing the Myth of Disorders
  • Addressing Specific Memories
  • Feeling Tired All Day, But Can’t Turn Off at Night
  • Physical Pain and the Emotional Toll it Takes
  • Relationships and How They Form Affect Sleep
  • Fear of Happiness and Success
  • Q & A on Mental Health
  • Q & A on Childhood Memories
  • And More!

You’ll receive a special download of the Happy Journal & Weekly Action Plan and learn how to use both to achieve your ultimate health goals!

  • How the mind works and how it creates memory links
  • How neuroplasticity clears unwanted memories and gives you back control
  • How to heal your insomnia the healthy way and when to stop listening to other’s advice
  • How to tap on painful memories that keep you falling back into your problems
  • How to take the power out of your problems and give it back to yourself
  • How to stop counting sheep and actually get some rest
  • How to empower yourself to stay happy and healthy
  • How to repair damage done in your mind by sleeplessness
  • Work with others to gain community and support on your journey. When others let go, it is a gift of sharing which helps everyone else heal and let go. We are all in this together!

Success Stories Using eutaptics® and FasterEFT Trainings

“Some people have told me, it’s a lot of work to be happy! I’ll tell you, it’s more work to be miserable, but since you’ve been practicing for so long it’s gotten easier to you. You’ve gotten really good at feeling terrible. Who would you be if you had the chance to be an expert at feeling good? I want to you to have that chance. I want to help you help yourself find that good feeling and let it be what drives you from now on.”
                                   -Robert Gene Smith 


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Robert Gene Smith is a neuroplastician, behavioral engineer and drug rehab consultant. He is one of America’s leading experts on stress, trauma, PTSD, addictions, physical healing and neuroplasticity.

Robert started his exploration into the inner workings of the mind when he was just 15 years old. It was through this journey that he discovered and practiced hundreds of theories, modalities, therapies, and techniques for self-help and transformation. After years of touch and go progress he realized that there was still more to be done in the world of self-healing and thus he created eutaptics® FasterEFT™. By seeing a need for something more inclusive that gives lasting results, Robert has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He provides the largest library of free educational videos on healing the mind and body on YouTube and gives seminars worldwide on the power of eutaptics® FasterEFT™.

Freedom from Depression and Anxiety

Online Course

9+ hours of in depth understanding, explanation, and eutaptics® tap-a-long videos. 

  • Real Reason We Become Depressed
  • Understanding Surprising Memory Links
  • Tap On Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Understanding Emotional Escapism
  • Tapping On Triggers
  • Fearing Normalcy
  • Resistance to Healing
  • Releasing the Myth of Disorders
  • Q & A on Mental Health
  • Q & A on Childhood Memories
  • And More!

Ending Insomnia - Sleeping Great Training

Online Course
  • Learn why you use the tapping and how it works
  • Discover your own programming with not sleeping
  • The best way to find the drivers to why you cannot sleep.
  • Learn the many different types of non-sleeping patterns
  • Understand your nightly rituals and how they could be keeping you from sleeping if you are doing this
  • See the follow ups of others and where they are now
  • Video Q & A with Robert  
  • And more!

20 Tap-A-Longs Videos for $27

Online Videos

These videos feature tap-a-long sessions on: 

  • Money 
  • Self-esteem 
  • Body confidence 
  • Physical pain 
  • Relationships 
  • Allergies 
  • Tears and phobias 
  • Trauma and PTSD

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