Starting Over is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier

As the title says, starting over is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it on our own. Divorce happens, losses happen, people change, people pass away… these are inevitabilities of life.

When Robert met Cassandra at an event in Las Vegas, the first thing she said to him was, “I’m losing my house, my husband, and my sanity all in one fell swoop.

You gotta help me!”

Cassandra was nearing sixty. She had been happily married for over thirty years with three children, and a grandchild on the way. Her health was right as rain, give or take a couple of minor things, and she was finally nearing the retirement she had been saving all her life for. In her opinion, life had been very good to her.

As everything was winding down and as everything seemed to be shaping up perfectly for a retirement filled with travel and spoiled grandbabies, Cassandra's husband fell terribly ill.

“One day he was just fine, fixing things around the house, cooking, spending time with our oldest son who was visiting from out of state. Then suddenly, he was in the hospital and we were blindsided by it all.” She told him. After that, the carefully crafted life she had started to crumble. Her husband wasn’t getting better, but her heart wouldn’t let her accept that. Her children started to hover around her, because she was admittedly very depressed. Her depression grew into such a heavy weight, she had lost all desire to even care for herself. She wasn’t bathing very much, which made her embarrassed to be out in public. She didn’t want to get out of bed if she didn’t have to. Her children had started to worry about her, so much so that her daughter had started to research short term treatment centers she could go to in order to help her with her mental health.

But Cassandra hated the idea of not being able to see her husband when she could so they looked for alternatives. They tried medication, which she said made her feel like someone else entirely. She was loopy and often disconnected. EMDR didn’t seem to work as well as she hoped. Talk therapy was just one person after another telling her to get back on medication. At this point, it had been months since everything hit the fan. Her husband was still holding on, but barely. She was still holding on, but barely. She was no longer able to retire because her savings had been spent. Hospital bills piled and piled until she had to make the tough decision to put her house on the market. In a last ditch effort to help her mom find a solution, Cassandra’s daughter drove her to Las Vegas to attend one of Robert’s seminars. They had watched his videos together and seen the testimonials and believed that this really could work.

As Cassandra worked with Robert and other practitioners during the week, something shifted inside of her that would change her life forever. She started to recognize that while all of her problems were painful and they would still be there when she got home, they didn’t have to control her. It wasn’t about not having problems, it was about being able to face them without fear.

All this time she had been afraid of what was going to come up next. What new thing was going to hurt her even further. She didn’t want to go out because what if something happened. She didn’t see friends anymore because she was afraid that they would judge her or pity her. She dreaded talking to the doctors because it was always bad news. She didn’t want to let her husband go because she was afraid of starting over life without him.

Finally able to recognize what had been driving her for the last year and more, she was able to see those fears for what they were and release them. With this new perspective, it was easier to take each step she needed to in order to repair what had been broken.

She stayed working, which wasn’t as disappointing and she had thought it would be. With that she was able to rebuild some of her savings and afford the medical bills to see her husband through what was left of their time together.

She moved into a new home that at first felt so daunting, but has turned into something special for her. A place she could make entirely her own. Though she still sometimes mourns for the memories that were in her old house, she is able to look back on them fondly as joyful parts of her life.

Cassandra credits her daughter’s determination for connecting her to Robert and saving her life.

When you aren’t expecting things to change, it’s easy to panic when they do. No matter how much you prepare for health scares, financial woes, and even the passing of loved ones, you never know how you will react emotionally to those things. The greatest thing about eutaptics® FasterEFT™ is that it is the one tool you can take everywhere with you, into every situation, and know that with it, you will be okay.