I've dedicated my life to helping people

As you may already know I am Robert Gene Smith the creator of eutaptics® FasterEFT™.

I've been helping change people's lives for more than twenty-five years.  Not only with good results but amazing life changes.  Some will call miracles. Yes, I have worked with the worse kind of issues you could ever imagine. Many types of severe traumas; physical, sexual, and emotional, thus, I am an expert at changes. 

All kinds of fears, addictions, and physical illnesses of the worse kind. Most people come to me thinking they are the worse case and to be honest 99% of them are not the worse chases.  They have tried everything under the sun with little to no help.  

Today is the day to get what you want.  Measurable changes and lasting results. I have changed my life, and countless lives of others, and I am sure you are ready or else you would not be reading this.  This will be an exciting adventure for you and I'll be by your side.

I will help you, guide you, support you, and be there for you.  My best suggestion for you is to buy the three-session package because it is a smarter choice. Together we can create a better way of being because I am sure you are ready.


Private 2-Hour Session

This significant step will move you into the future in a big way.  Robert will help you to many changes that will make life easier. You'll be very happy you made this decision.


Six hours (3 x 2 hours) of Private Sessions

Big loads so stuff will be lifted from your shoulders. Insight's and changes will start a new ways of life. This is a must for a better life.


Ten hours (5 x 2 hours) of Private Sessions

We are diving deep and cleaning up the big stuff. New direction and ways life starts right here. After is it all said and done you look back and knowing this is the smartest thing you've done so far. So, yes! Just do it because you're ready.


Heal from the Inside Out

This week is more than just a seminar, it’s an opportunity to explore a new place with new friends and finally move forward in your health and happiness. You know you deserve to live a life that's full of joy... passion... energy! I want to help you get there. Join the retreat that will help you out of your current condition and into the life you’ve always wanted.