Level 4 Training - OKC 2018

Level 4 Training - OKC 2018

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EUTAPTICS Level 4 Practitioner Training- Oklahoma City

Event Description

June 23rd-29th, 2018


The focus of Level 4 is to build on the knowledge and skills learned from Level 1, 2 & 3. Training as a competent, confident  Practitioner and working with clients using advanced protocols.

The goal of Robert Gene and Skills to Change is to educate and train our Eutaptics practitioners to be some of the worlds foremost experts in helping people change their lives.  Practitioners-In-Training who have completed these trainings will be confident in their skill and ability to handle nearly any situation that they may encounter.  Those who have reached this level of training have already spent countless hours learning, practicing and building their skill and knowledge.  The Level 4 training is where all of that comes together!  Not only will you be able to “fine-tune” your tools amongst a select number of peers and colleagues, but you will continue to learn Advanced Techniques from the Master himself, Robert Gene Smith.  No doubt you will leave this training feeling inspired, challenged and motivated to continue mastering the Eutaptics mindset and method.

Pre requisites:

Completed Level 3 and all requirements

Acquire New Skills and Techniques for Level 4

Be able to describe, and apply competently a variety of new  techniques at the conclusion  of Level 4 including:

  • Power Words
  • Fake Laughter
  • Finish the Sentence
  • Addressing the Feeling of no Feeling
  • Give it a Voice
  • Make it Up
  • Photo Tapping
  • Pick, Poke, and Provoke
  • Picture Techniques
  • Pretend You’re Telling Me

Acquire Other key skills and knowledge

Be able to describe and apply competently as appropriate at the conclusion of Level 4:

  • Overview of Advanced Protocols such as Pain, Addictions, Weight loss, Grief
  • Observe and dissect a Full Session/s Completed by Robert Smith
  • Conduct Full Sessions with Supervision and Feedback
  • Opportunity to teach/present a foundational topic of FasterEFT/Eutaptics to your peers
  • Bringing it all Together

Typical Eutaptics™ Training Seminar Schedule: *may vary

  • All Days: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm  with lunch breaks.

The Weekend Training is part of your training if you signup for the 7 day seminar.

Typical Weekend Schedule: *may vary

  • Registration begins at 9am on Saturday June 23rd.
  • Both Days: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm  with lunch breaks.


Certificate of Attendance issued at completion of Level 4 Training

Certificate of Completion to be issued after satisfactory completion of all of Level 4 Assessment tasks

Private One-to-One Sessions*

With Robert G. Smith:

Many participants at our events ask about private one-to-one sessions with Robert. Due to Robert’s busy schedule and the high demand for private sessions as the creator of FasterEFT, there will only be a few times available in the couple days leading up to the seminar. If you would like to find out more, and if there are any slots left, please send an email to:

With High-Level Practitioners

There will be a few highly experienced upper-level practitioners at the event. If you would like to take the opportunity to get some extra help and guidance, you will be able to book a session with a practitioner once you arrive (on a first-come-first-served basis).

* Please Note: Private one-to-one sessions are not included in the price of the seminar. The cost of these sessions will be an optional extra, and will be arranged between you and the practitioner.

Hotel Accommodations

We will be holding the Seminar at the Holiday Inn OKC Airport Location and since our seminar is 7 days the discounted room rates will be next door at the StayBridge Hotel Suites OKC Airport with more amenities, where we have a special price of $89 a night.

The Staybridge is less than 3 miles from the airport and very nice, including shuttle service to and from the airport.  There will be a free laundry facility, small kitchens with fridge, 2 burner stoves, microwave, dishwasher, cooking utensils, free breakfast at either location of StayBridge or Holiday Inn, 3 free dinners – taco bar type set-up Mon-Wed, free beer offered Mon-Wed, indoor pool, BBQ common area outside, outdoor fire pit, tennis courts, a ferry boat to Bricktown – takes about an hour and a half and may cost money. They are pet friendly too! Airport transport available to and from the hotel.

Book your rooms for the special price of $89 at the Staybridge Hotel by Clicking Here

Please note: Hotel reservations must be received no later than May 25th.

Airport Transportation is available, please contact the Staybridge Hotel for details.

Looking to find a buddy? Share a ride or a room? Reduce the cost of attending a seminar? Check here!

In order to make the accommodations more cost efficient, we encourage you to go to the FasterEFT Events FB page to locate a roommate:

| Event Cancellation Policy

**Current Practitioners Level 4 and higher:  If you would like to attend this event as an Assistant, please contact the Skills to Change office at to apply for the ASSISTANT PROGRAM.  This program has limited availability and participants will be approved on a first come/first served basis.  No practitioner may attend and provide sessions without prior approval.  Retake fees will apply.