Turning your goals into reality with U.M.P-Ultimate Manifesting Process

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Turning your goals into reality with U.M.P-Ultimate Manifesting Process


What if you found an easier way to reach your goals? How would you like to learn the “real” secret to the law of attraction?

Learn to unlock the beliefs that hold you back from succeeding in life. eutaptics® teaches you to find fulfillment in every arena of your life with one effective modality.


Thousands of people reach their goals – whatever they are! – by using the Turn Your Goals Into Reality with U.M.P. (Ultimate Manifesting Process) course and you can too!


20+ hours of tap along videos covering such topics as:

-Real Secret to Goal Keeping
-Understanding Surprising Fear Links
-Tap On Fear Conditioning
-Understanding Emotional Blocks
-Tapping On Fear of Success
-Weight and Body Goals
-Resistance to Exercise, Healthy Sleep and Eating Well
-Releasing Memories of Failure
-Addressing Old Programs
-Feeling Guilty After Success
-Fears of Winning
-Why Do I Keep Quitting?
-Stamina Tap Along
-Q & A on Goal Setting
-Q & A on Common Fears and Programs
-And More!

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