Stop Smoking by Changing Your Brain

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Stop Smoking by Changing Your Brain


Nicotine happens to be one of the easiest drugs to come off of physically, as there are only 3 days of chemical side-effects in your body.


The biggest problem with smoking is not the nicotine, not the chemical addiction (true with all addictions), but the emotional connections associated. Addiction (smoking) is a coping mechanism that has emotional links to pleasure, social gatherings, escapism, it represents people, it’s a “doing” something, or “avoiding” something, it’s a way to feel “adult,” to fit in, to fill the gap of loneliness or separation, or “stay,” and much more. It is unique to each individual.


When we are stressed, we are not breathing, so it allows people take deep breaths in (gulps) when breathing in the smoke – “the drag.” Taking In – something needed – seeking the connection in a substance outside the body to fill the void that we experience. The void comes from the memories/stories we believe, attach to, integrate with, and it becomes part of our identity. This is what we are learning to change.


You’ll get 9+ hours of practice, demos, & education to help you start shifting this relationship you have with smoking.

– Addiction in others, how tobacco effects families
– The linking and dumping process
– Fighting cravings with tapping
– Smoking imprints
– ‘Happy’ memories of smoking (people, places, and good times)
– Unwinding with a cigarette and how to break the link
– The lasting changes and the cleanup process
– And so much more!


What are the benefits? You mean besides better health, financial gains, smelling better, feeling better, no more standing out in the cold and rain, or being an outcast, or having to always worry about “where’s my lighter and smokes,” no more feeling ashamed of yourself because you are doing something you know is causing you harm, more time with family and loved ones, and so much more… It’s time!

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