Relationships: My Family Screwed Me UP

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Relationships: My Family Screwed Me UP


This course was created from a 2-day relationship seminar filmed in Greece, May 2019.


What you will learn and experience:
1. How to find the root cause of your current problems in your relationships
2. The real secret to changing everything about your life
3. How to create healthy fulfilling relationships
4. Changes and shifts in your own relationships when tapping-a-long to the session videos

These videos feature tap-a-long sessions on:
* Not feeling good enough
* Controlling mothers
* Sick family members
* Men are bad
* Abortion


Some of the benefits people have reported when taking this course:
1. Increased self-esteem and personal value
2. Decreased stress levels and health issues dramatically improving or fading away
3. The ripple effect – all relationships – friends & family, work colleagues, etc also improved.


This is 17 hours of training.



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