Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind (6 MP3’s)

$ 29.99

Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind and Reprogramming Your Brain. This audio seminar is divided into 6 easy-to-listen – a total of 10 hours of training (value $169.00). This presentation by Robert Smith addresses the real cause of weight gain – it’s not the food, it’s the mind and if you change the mind the pounds will drop away.


The “Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind (LWBCYM)” has almost 12 hours of training to help you lose weight.

– How to Make Good Decisions
– How to Tap
– It Will Not Work For Me
– Doing My Homework
– Chocolate Addiction
– It Begins With You
– Weight Loss Program
– Tap on the Food
– Coke Addiction Gone
– What is Belief?
– The Meridians
– Bad Food Experiences
– Tap on the Food
– Throw the food away
– Drinking Water
– Why You Exercise
– Boost Your Metabolism
– Tap In Affirmation
– Do the Happy Journal
– Tapping Meditation
– Structure of Problems
– Two Models of the World
– Happy Journal
– Eating When Not Hungry
– Stay Busy by Eating
– When You Want Something
– The Mirror Exercise
– Picked Last – I’m too fat.


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