How to set yourself free from PTSD and C-PTSD

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How to set yourself free from PTSD and C-PTSD


It is easy for someone on the outside to say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But in reality, for those who have suffered great trauma, it is often the survival itself that is hard to cope with.


Believe it or not, what you have been feeling is totally normal. PTSD is how your brain protects the programs it has playing inside of you. The reenactments of your trauma on a constant loop in your mind is how your brain was taught to keep you safe.


It’s time to break the loop. You have it in you to challenge that feeling of helplessness and take back the YOU that you were before the trauma.


With this program, you’ll discover how the mind processes trauma, carries stress from the past, and how your subconscious manifests triggers today – long after the trauma is over.


The truth is, PTSD is not a disorder, but a normal coping skill. Knowing how to change memory will end the stressed reactions you face in your every day life. eutaptics® can help you master this skill and transform your stress responses into something better.


Isn’t it time you put what happened to you back in the past where it belongs? This program will show you how.

Get 7+ hours of tap along videos and recordings to help you free yourself from your trauma. Robert covers such topics as

-Real Secret To Trauma
-Understanding Surprising Links
-Tap On Past Conditioning
-Understanding Emotional Trauma and PTSD
-Tapping On Addictions
-Fearing Public Spaces
-Resistance to Sleep
-Releasing Fear and Anxiety
-Addressing Old Programs
-Feeling Unsafe Around Family
-Why Do I React?
-Tap Along Videos
-Q & A on PTSD
-Q & A on Common Fear Programs
-And More!

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