Heal Your Body: Pain and Illness – 2 Day Web-Event

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Heal Your Body: Pain and Illness – 2 Day Web-Event

Challenge your thoughts. Revolutionize your routine. Change your body.


Set yourself free from your illness, disease, mis-diagnosis, emotional traumas, self-doubts, hurtful memories and create a peaceful life for you and those you love, right from the comfort of your own home.


Using eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training, what you never thought possible becomes possible!


This web event will help you to understand how to address all kinds of physical issues like

Chronic Illness
​Autoimmune Disorders
​Depression and Anxiety
​Physical Performance Issues
​OCD, Eating Disorders, Self-harm,
​Relationship issues arising from supporting a chronically ill family member
There are many models to physical ailments, from believing that you ‘won’t ever get better,’ to if you ‘just try one more pill, one more doctor, that’ll cure me.’


There are lots of reasons why people produce pain and illness, but the number one cause of NOT healing is stress. Whether it is stress from your past or your present, your brain has latched onto something that keeps you in a state of dis-ease. Whatever it is there’s a way to change it and finally get the relief you desperately want and desperately need.


No more staying awake wishing you could just find the right doctor, the right medicine, the right… something

No more struggling to move or eat or do any of the things you would normally do with ease

No more imagining a different life… it’s time to start living it!

Right now, make the decision to let go of your belief systems about pain so that you can begin the healing you deserve!

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