eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Training Level 2/3/4 Bundle

$ 6,891.00


eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Training Level 2/3/4 Bundle  


Advanced Certified eutaptics® Practitioner Bundle
Are you ready to become the best eutaptics® practitioner you can be?


eutaptics® Level 2-3-4 Certification Courses

Become a Certified Advanced eutaptics® Practitioner at an incredible price!


What you will receive:
eutaptics® Fundamentals of a Powerful Session (Level 2) Training regularly $2497 (Online or Hybrid Live/Online)
eutaptics® The Power Tools of the Mind (Level 3) Training regularly $2497 (Online or Hybrid Live/Online)
eutaptics® Conquering the Big Stuff (Level 4) Training regularly $2497 (Online or Hybrid Live/Online)


Bundle Discount is $600.00 Off = $6891.00


Note: Live events are contingent on covid restrictions, but will also apply in the bundle when we are able to hold live events again.


You will receive a eutaptics® manual (upon submitting a request form in the beginning of your course) which includes the foundational FasterEFT™ belief system, the understandings and techniques that you will learn in the course.


You will also receive a corresponding Mentorship Course for each level. This is not a part of your course requirements, just an added bonus, where you can attend monthly live scheduled mentoring calls, and watch recordings of past live calls.


– NO REFUNDS (Credit can be applied for other events & sessions)

Know before you start:
If you intend on becoming a Practitioner, and you must be fully Certified Level 3 to work with paying clients, part of the requirements in every level of training is to have at least 10 hours of paid sessions with Advanced eutaptics® Practitioners. This is an additional cost paid directly to the practitioners you work with, and is an additional expense, not included in the cost of the course. Prices vary with practitioners, but average cost is $200 per 2-hour session. In addition, two of the testing requirements have an associated $75 fee which is also paid directly to the practitioner who does your live evaluation/assessment. In Level 4, there is a $300 Video Submission Review Fee paid to STCI. You have two years from the start of a training level to complete all the requirements for that level.


Payment plans are available upon request. You must contact in order to set up your payment plan.


Below are the outlined payment options:

Payment Plan Terms
Item Purchased: Bundle L2/L3/L4
Discount: $600.00 ($7491.00 originally) = $6891.00

Servicing Fee
Recurring Payment Maintenance One Time Service Charge For Purchases + $100.00 = $6991.00

Down Payment: $1747.75 (25%) Due at Purchase

Balance Due: $5243.25
Term: 24 months Payments: $218.47
Term: 18 months Payments: $291.29
Term: 12 months Payments: $436.94
Term: 6 months Payments: $873.88


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