EmotionalED™ – Supporting Parents, Caregivers & Grandparents – Working with Children and Teens

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EmotionalED™ – Supporting Parents, Caregivers & Grandparents – Working with Children and Teens

EmotionalED™ – Supporting Parents, Grandparents, & Caregivers – Working with Children and Teenagers


We live in a fast-paced world where childhood stress is more common, pervasive and influential than previously understood. I believe the emotional health and well-being of our world starts with our children and learning these processes can be a tool they use for life.


As a parent of three children and a grandfather, I understand many of the joys and numerous challenges of these privileged roles. I know how useful it would have been had we had these tools earlier for myself and my family.


Having worked with thousands of people around the world, including children, most, if not all, of their issues have the roots in our childhood. This in turn can create limiting beliefs and patterns that influence us for the rest of our lives. If, however, we are able to address those issues as they occur by using these simple, easy, fun tools, life becomes easier and we create a much happier world.


By learning these skills, I am confident you will gain new awareness and understanding that will empower you, your Children and Teenagers, and this will be a gift for life. Try it yourself, take it onboard and model it, tap as a family and enjoy the rewards!


It is our intention to provide you with the most fundamental skills, tools and knowledge drawn from years of experience to assist the children in your life to express emotionally healthy and rich lives and gain more self-appreciation.


We have created this comprehensive online program to support you, the parents, grandparents and caregivers. You will find everything you need here to help Children & Teenagers reduce stress, resolve emotional issues and promote emotional resilience and well-being.


This program includes:
• a comprehensive guide to support your learning
• a range of videos in our online training site TLMS, demonstrating the practical components of eutaptics®, video demonstrations and inspirational stories
• in-depth information on how the brain works, neuroplasticity and the effects of eutaptics® as well as numerous links to additional information, research & videos.


eutaptics® is simple, easy and fun to learn & use! Best of all, it is greatly effective. Once you master the techniques in this guide, you can apply them to any issue. This will greatly assist caregivers to help children self-regulate their emotions, and learn how to deal with issues in the present, so they become happier children, and more well-adjusted adults.


So many of our limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior stem from our childhood. It’s not so much what happens to us, but how we interpret, update and reframe events that creates a powerful blueprint for our lives and experiences in the world.


Benefits for you:
• Less stress for you, your child and family
• Find it easier being a better, calmer parent or caregiver, improving relationships and having a more positive impact on your children’s lives
• More freedom and sense of well-being for you
• Deal more effectively with your own fears, emotions and trauma. Many believe we give to our children what we have been given from our own parenting experiences. We want you to keep what serves you well from your past while being able to release negative thinking and patterns. Sound empowering?! It is!
• Have a life-processing tool at your fingertips
• Have a self-regulating tool that is able to be used anywhere, anytime


Benefits for your Child/Teenager:
• A fun tool that works and makes life better!
• Quick to learn
• Can use for themselves and the results are immediate
• They gain a gift for life


Many adults and children benefit from one-on-one sessions with skilled eutaptics® practitioners, where progress is made swiftly and skillfully. Enjoy, have some fun, experience powerful change!


What you will learn in this course:
• What is eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Tapping?
• Benefits of eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Tapping
• eutaptics® Basic Process
• How it will help you
• Potential areas of tapping to benefit Children and Teenagers
• Ways to increase rapport with Children/Teenagers
• Robert’s Pearls of Wisdom
• Working with ages 0-3
• Working with ages 4-7
• Working with ages 8-12
• Working with Teenagers
• Overwhelm Intense Responses
• Bad-Good Collapse
• Quick Tap Suggestions for Children
• Various Examples Demonstrating Creative Techniques
• Different Styles of eutaptics® Tapping
• Practical Uses to help Children & Teenagers
• Happy Journal
• Understanding the Mind/Body Connection
• And More!

Enjoy, have some fun!


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