2021 Policy Agreement ~ L4/L5 Free Tap-A-Longs

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  • THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between SKILLS TO CHANGE INSTITUTE and: 

  • Level 4 Practitioners-in-Training, Certified Level 4 & Level 5 Advanced Practitioners 

    FREE Tap-A-Longs 

    Do’s and Don’ts Policy Agreement


    On behalf of Robert Gene and the Skills to Change Team, we would like to thank all of our Level 4 Practitioners-in-Training, Level 4 Certified Advanced eutaptics® Practitioners and our Level 5 Certified Advanced eutaptics® Practitioners and Teachers for all the dedication and hard work on becoming the best version of yourself. 

    As a way of our support, Robert would like to invite you all for FREE, to participate in our monthly Tap-A-Longs starting in November.  We would like for you to experience the profound healing and positive outcomes, and in return, we hope that you will consider promoting Skills to Change Institute, and the Tap-A-Longs to your clients, friends, family and students you work with.

    Every L4/L5 individual will need to sign the Policy Agreement Form in order to gain the code and receive FREE access to the Monthly Tap-A-Longs.

    Please see the following:

    Do’s and Don’ts Policy Agreement for Participation


    • Sign the Policy Agreement

    • Be an active participant

    • Promote Skills to Change Institute and the Tap-A-Longs (website, social media, verbally)

    • Use the Registered and TradeMarked words and logos (We can provide these to you)

    • Abide by all STCI Intellectual Property Policies 


    • Only your name is to be listed on your screen and not your practitioner status

    • No private chats with other participants is allowed

    • No discussions or advice to other participants is allowed (reserved for Robert, Sandra and/or L5 Teachers)

    • No self promoting for sessions, programs, free classes, etc. of any kind - You are participants only


    By signing below, you agree to abide by the Do’s and Don’ts listed above and are in full understanding that you are invited to the Tap-A-Longs as participants.