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Social Emotional Learning for the Classroom Presented by Robert Gene Smith and The Skills to Change Institute

Create a Healthy and Successful Environment in Your Classroom with EmotionalED



EmotionalED is a unique and powerful process for schools that teaches participants how to improve their mental well-being easily and effectively, thereby making life easier. This program was developed by a team of dedicated and experienced educators, practitioners, parents and grandparents. EmotionalED was designed to give teachers, principals, school counselors and assistants an effective tool to help children with emotional and behavioral challenges, in turn creating a calm environment for students to thrive and flourish. This program is based on the successful work of eutaptics®/FasterEFT tapping, created by Robert G. Smith.

This method promotes improved mental health, mindfulness and inner peace. You will learn new skills to help yourself and your students process emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress, worry and fear, both “in the moment” and “after the event” This is often a game-changer leading to happier students and calmer classrooms.

This self-regulated stress management tool is a variation of the original EFT tapping method, however, by using the mind’s own neuroplasticity to update memories and emotions in real-time, the positive changes happen faster and offer lasting results.

Studies have shown that EFT style tapping, directed mindfulness, and affirmations help decrease stress levels in children, teens and young adults when practiced consistently. EmotionalED utilizes the most effective parts of each of these modalities and makes it easy to use with children of all ages, in and out of the classroom.



Help your students and yourself understand which feelings are distracting them and how to help keep them from becoming overwhelming.


Learn how to release the stress, anxiety, depression, lack of focus and other emotions tied to school, home life, relationships and performance.


Change the feelings associated with the original cause of those problems and help the child build self confidence and self-esteem in and out of the classroom.


Help them live real and lasting results! Experience a calm classroom filled with emotionally intelligent students. Give them tools they can take into the real world.


The online program will be self-paced and include 3, one-hour live webinars (held monthly and recorded so all time zones can access them). As an added resource, participants will also have access to a private Facebook group. There you can comment, ask questions, get answers, meet and communicate with eutaptics®/FasterEFT practitioners and other educators in the program. You may even wish to practice what you’re learning with others in the group.


Those selected will be open to learning a highly effective process of creating a more peaceful learning environment! The estimated completion time for the program is 3-4 months with a commitment of approximately 20 hours of online classes. We’ll count on you to provide feedback on the content, format, clarity and ease of understanding during and at the end of the program, as well as a follow-up. There will be a short revision-style assessment to complete at the end of each module and participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

What Is eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training?

The eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training is a powerful transformational tool that uses the neuroplasticity of your mind to address your thought process and how it affects your body. Studies have shown that stress plays a huge part in our overall health, causing weight gain, physical disabilities, food sensitivities – you name it, stress can ruin it.


This process transforms how you represent memories and stressors and enables you to let go of negative emotions so your mind and body can heal from your experiences. If you are struggling with anxiety, anger, fears, low self-esteem, weight issues, physical pain, physical illness, grief, career lows, or stress, eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training can help. With this technique you can take conscious control of your unconscious mind.


By using techniques in neuroplasticity (eutaptics® and FasterEFT Training) you train your brain to easily transform these programs from what they were into all the possibilities YOU create, leaving you with a happier, healthier mind and body.



  • 6 online modules (20+ hours of training)
  • A training manual with thorough breakdowns of each module
  • Immediate access to the complete online program including all course materials, videos, and downloads
  • Practical application of these skills
  • Innovative ways to incorporate eutaptics® in the classroom
  • Private Facebook group and community to connect with other participants
  • Support from course creators, team members, and other participants
  • Access to online resources
  • Webinars, emails, chats to help keep you on track and well-supported
  • Certificate of Completion
  • You care for your own well-being and that of your students
  • You want to help your students better handle stress, anxiety and complex emotions with ease
  • You want to help students become emotionally intelligent in all areas of their lives and increase their focus and happiness
  • You are a teacher, educator, support staff member or counselor wanting to learn effective stress management tools to use on yourself and in the classroom
  • You want students to reach their greatest  potential both in and out of the classroom
  • You want your classroom and school to be a calmer, safer environment for all students and staff


Pilot Program Participant Commitments

Your interest in children is evident by your career choice and we realize you face daily challenges in their well-being while also being tasked with their education. We are excited to help in making that easier! When you take advantage of these latest improvements in brain neuroplasticity and how that applies to classroom environments and learning, you will be helping not only yourself to reap the benefits, but countless future participants and students. You will also be able to connect with others from around the globe in helping to fine-tune this new dynamic program for emotional resilience.

How Much Does This Cost?

In appreciation for your time and commitment for this pilot (as listed in previous sections), we are waiving any fees and extending this exceptional program to the chosen pilot participants as a complimentary training.

Signing Up

If this is something you’d like to apply for, please register your interest by 28th June, 2020 by filling in the online application. We are encouraging two or three staff members from the same school to participate (so please share with your colleagues!), although individual staff members are also welcome to apply. All applicants will be contacted within approximately two (2) weeks after the closing date to either confirm your participation in the pilot program or to let you know we’ve added you to our priority wait list for the program’s full launch, projected to be late 2020. The Pilot program will commence on 5th July, 2020.

Thank you for your interest!


Interview with Dominique Pickerill

Teacher and eutaptics® Practitioner, UK


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Robert Gene Smith is a neuroplastician, behavioral engineer and drug rehab consultant. He is one of America’s leading experts on stress, trauma, PTSD, addictions, physical healing and neuroplasticity.

Robert started his exploration into the inner workings of the mind when he was just 15 years old. It was through this journey that he discovered and practiced hundreds of theories, modalities, therapies, and techniques for self-help and transformation. After years of touch and go progress he realized that there was still more to be done in the world of self-healing and thus he created FasterEFT and eutaptics®. By seeing a need for something more inclusive that gives lasting results, Robert has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He provides the largest library of free educational videos on healing the mind and body on YouTube and gives seminars worldwide on the power of eutaptics®.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the pilot begins during a portion of our summer/holiday break, what do I do?

This pilot is intended to be self-paced and therefore can start whenever it is convenient for you. However, you must complete the program during the 3 – 4 month period starting July 5, 2020.

What if other members of my team are interested in joining the pilot as well?

We welcome applications from your colleagues. Several persons applying from a single school together will be greatly considered.

What if other members of my team are interested in completing the program after the pilot period has ended?

Once the pilot period is completed the program will be offered internationally.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the application or the pilot specifically?

You can send an email to emotionaledfastereft@gmail.com

Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing or using the learning management system [TalentLMS]?

You can send an email to support@skillstochange.com

How do I learn more about FasterEFT and eutaptics® before applying for the pilot?

Please visit this link and try our free course to familiarize yourself with FasterEFT and eutaptics®.