How to Change your Brain with Faster EFT

If you’ve been reading any self-help book for a while, you will know they always recommend making a list of all the problem areas in your life.


How many of you, after doing your lists, start seeing a recurring pattern?


You begin to see that you’re a trance monkey, robotically repeating the same behaviors and patterns throughout your life?


Just recognizing that you have a pattern isn’t enough, it isn’t the solution.


The solution is applying FasterEFT to change your brain.


Some people have been in therapy for years, and they can tell you why their father abused them, they can tell you both sides of the story, they understand it, they can write a book about all the reasons about why these kind of things happen, but yet, they still have the past traumas inside their minds.


After using FasterEFT to change your brain, you could probably do therapy on the therapist.


Everyone wants to be healthy, both in mind and body.


What good is a therapist, dietician, medical professional etc. if their own mind is in constant chaos?


As a FasterEFT practitioner, it’s imperative that you work on yourself first.


It’s mandatory that you tap on yourself vigorously.


Now just because you tapped once for an hour, that all your issues are going to be fixed.


What it means is that improvements are happening inside your mind and life, as you work through your past trauma and hurts, using FasterEFT to change your brain – neurologically and chemically.


FasterEFT and the Unconscious Mind

The live seminar training is totally different than what you see on YouTube.


It gives you tools, techniques and ideas that are invaluable to learning about FasterEFT and the mind.


It’s a different animal, a different way of looking at things.


You have your current life, which is built upon your own personal history, which is made of up thoughts, feelings (which create belief systems), circumstances and experiences.


So the question is – how do you change your current problem, so that it is no longer an issue?


You have to go back to the structure which you used to create this.


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The structure is basically – when did I do it, how did I do it, who did I learn it from, how do I feel when I think about this memory etc.


So this emotional system is the glue that brands experiences inside your mind, known as memories.


This is how the unconscious mind works, it takes two unassociated things and links them together because of an intense emotional experience.


So, for people with a sugar addiction, for example, it could be that chocolate = love.


But in reality, scientifically we know that an excess of chocolate = diabetes or high blood sugar, but people who are chemically and emotionally addicted to the rush they get when they eat chocolate won’t realize or be aware of that.


Watch this live demonstration of a man with a chocolate addiction being tapped on by Robert:

You have to be emotionally healthy enough to recognize this fact.


Which is possible when using FasterEFT to change your brain.


These links together create this addictive behavior and unless you know how to break the addiction, you’re going to continue to create it.

How to Change Yourself – The Basics

Level 1 Training

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Eutaptics / FasterEFT is a powerful system that helps people make profound changes in their lives.


Anyone can use these cutting-edge techniques and processes to overcome life’s biggest problems, past traumas, emotional issues, bad habits, chronic pain, or even diseases in the body.


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