To implement an organizational system at the training seminars for approved assistants, who must be Certified Level 3 eutaptics®, or above. The aim is to run the event production smoothly and efficiently, with a high degree of compassion, enthusiasm, and integrity.


Provide support, for both Robert and the seminar participants. Assistants will serve as liaisons between the participants and the Lead Assistant. Only the Lead Assistant will report to Robert, allowing him to stay focused on teaching. Assistants will also be responsible for the day-to-day production of the seminar, also ensuring that all participant’s needs are met (further relieving Robert of logistical burdens). This will begin building a reputation of professionalism and credibility of the eutaptics® brand, through the customer service experience, created by the program. Assistants will set the tone for the training/seminar, so a positive and enthusiastic spirit is required, with an observable willingness to continue to learn, and grow.