To implement an organizational system at the training seminars for approved assistants, who must be Certified Level 3 eutaptics®, or above. The aim is to run the event production smoothly and efficiently, with a high degree of compassion, enthusiasm, and integrity.


Provide support, for both Robert and the seminar participants. Assistants will serve as liaisons between the participants and the Lead Assistant. Only the Lead Assistant will report to Robert, allowing him to stay focused on teaching. Assistants will also be responsible for the day-to-day production of the seminar, also ensuring that all participant’s needs are met (further relieving Robert of logistical burdens). This will begin building a reputation of professionalism and credibility of the eutaptics® brand, through the customer service experience, created by the program. Assistants will set the tone for the training/seminar, so a positive and enthusiastic spirit is required, with an observable willingness to continue to learn, and grow.




    Duties vary between live and hybrid live-online events. Note: We are not currently holding live events due to covid restrictions until further notice. 


    Assistants must commit to the following:


    1. Be available for the entirety of the training seminar/training webinar hours and fulfill all agreed upon duties (with extenuating circumstances being considered, such as illness or funerals, etc.)

    2. Attend the mandatory meeting each morning (8:30 am) before the seminar doors open (at live events), or for the weekly Zoom Mentor Meetings prior to Hybrid Live-Online Events, so that the team is cohesive, bonded, and has a plan for the day’s agenda. This will be a time to discuss roles, expectations and get questions answered. We will create an intention as a team for who we will be as a whole in service of the participants. We want to be Generous, Team-oriented, Compassionate, Informative, and Community Minded.

    3. Be available to attend any brief meetings that may be needed at day’s end to review the day as soon as the room clears (at live events), or any follow-up Mentor Meetings as needed during a Hybrid Live-Online Events. 

    4. Assistants will be assigned duties based on experience and appropriateness for that person. Each assistant will be responsible for the tasks associated with that duty.

    5. Assistants must have previously completed the Training Level for which they are assisting, and must be at least Level 3 eutaptics® certified.

    6. Sandra Rojo, Chief Operating Officer of Skills to Change Institute, and one lead assistant will organize the team to be accountable to Robert and his staff. Sandra serves as Robert's right hand and authority, and the lead assistant will report directly to her, or to Robert, if she is not present. The goal is to alleviate Robert from the pressure to think about non-training related issues, topics, or logistics.

    7. Assistants will be facilitating group discussions with a selected group of participants throughout the training. Assistants must feel comfortable leading group discussions and also be able to keep an eye on your group members (sensory acuity) throughout the live training week/Hybrid Live-Online Training course meetings. Further expectations will be discussed in the pre-training meetings. For the Hybrid Live-Online Events, you will be put into “breakout rooms” with the participants being divided up among the Advanced Practitioners that are Assisting. Just as you would meet in a small group at a live event, you will do that in the Hybrids as well, via these breakout rooms.

    8. Sensory acuity required. Be aware. Notice. Assist participants with emotional upsets during the training. At a live event (if they leave the room upset, for example, go to them, offer assistance). In the Hybrid Live-Online Events, watch their screens, listen and monitor the chat box. Sometimes we may not have the answer to a question and this is completely normal and may occur. Please do not guess your answers. You can first ask another fellow assistant and or email:  training@skillstochange.com. Overall, what is imperative as an assistant, is to be transparent and authentic with others by simply responding (suggestion)  "Thanks for that question, I'm not sure, so let me get the correct answer and I will get back to you and/or have our staff respond to you." Notice how people are reacting. Reach out privately, individually where needed, in support. The goal is to encourage them to participate again with everyone in their class, as to not miss too much of their training. If needed, the student's emotional status can be addressed later in a full session with an Advanced Practitioner. There may be exceptions when a student is highly triggered, hence unable to re-engage in their training. Here is where we need to exercise common sense, meaning you may need to tap on them even if it means missing some of their training. You may pull in another practitioner to assist you with the student. 



    • Be present and available to serve each day 

    • Participant Registration - help them make sure to sign their forms & submit

    • Paperwork Review (Signed Seminar Agreements) 

    • Door monitor(s) at live events

    • Put out/Gather Name tags, Sign In/Sign Out Sheets, at beginning and end of day

    • Lead assistant will contact the office for any items or documents needed

    • Refreshments refill notice to hotel staff/venue

    • Time keeper for Robert (watch break times and rally participants)

    • Assist during practice exercises - observe participants and be available for input and answering questions

    • Product sales


    All potential assistants will be on a first-come, first-served basis subject to approval.

    If assistants will also be providing personal sessions at the event, no sessions are to

    be done during the training seminar hours. Session prices must be discounted and

    standardized amongst all Assistants at live events (currently the amount is $200, with the option to purchase another hour for $100).


    Only assisting eutaptics® practitioners Level 4 and above, who are on the AeP List (Advanced eutaptics® Practitioners) are approved to provide sessions for student certification hours. Certified Level 3's can do sessions on participants, but it will not count for the student’s certification hours.This must be made very clear and stated up front, to seminar participants. Sessions may not be scheduled during seminar hours, or interfere with your assistant duties.


    ALL assistants must have submitted the Assistant Application Form and have prior

    approval from STCI in advance.


    Please Submit this application upon completion to operations@skillstochange.com